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Tom Ford Returns to Its Sexily Sleek Core for SS24

Since Tom Ford launched his eponymous label in 2005, the brand has been known for its appetite for attractively chic, yet adult ensembles. But in April of this year when Tom Ford announced his departure from his label, questions began to circulate about how the brand’s legacy would carry on. In comes Peter Hawkings who just made his collection debut as Tom Ford’s new creative director for the Spring/Summer 2024 season and without question it is a return to form.

Gypsy Sport SS24 Celebrates NYC in Bold Color

Although what seemed like endless showers soaked the runway at Governors Island that didn’t stop Gypsy Sport from celebrating its 10th anniversary and its love for New York City with its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. A 10th anniversary calls for a bold extravaganza, so the brand took to GITANO Island, a modern Mexican restaurant to host its show with a beachy atmosphere. Although the sweeping rain made the beach/ocean atmosphere all too real, that fashion extravaganza continued.

Jerry Lorenzo Underscores the Current of American Luxury With Fear Of God Debut Show

As the final slivers of daylight slipped away and the night stars appeared, a shroud of silence slowly washed over the crowd as Fear Of God’s first runway show was set to begin. To set the atmosphere was a selection of melodic songs by Sampha, who aptly glided across the keys of a stainless upright piano and sang to soothe the crowd. Love was clear. Tranquility was clear. But a fusion of contemplative reverence came through the opening arrangement – setting the mood for Jerry Lorenzo’s well-thou

Rainmaker FW23 Blends Introspection With Impressionist Art

For the latest collection from Rainmaker for the Fall/Winter 2023 season, founder/creative director, Kohichi Watanabe, rummaged around his own head. Given, it’s not a newfound practice for designers to meditate on their own experiences when it comes to crafting a new collection. But the mere reality that everyone has their own unique experience makes for the practice to remain undeniably unique. Unveiled during Tokyo Fashion Week, the recesses of Watanabe’s mind came to the surface in a calm, ye

Paolo Carzana Relishes in Romantically Delicate Textures for FW23

Since coming onto the scene, Paolo Carzana has managed to inject a whimsically fresh outlook on design. A few tools in his box include eye-catching fabrications embedded with mountains and valleys of texture, twisted proportions, gender-defying constructions and ultimately a full embrace of the queer identity. The Cardiff, Wales-based designer is taking the world deeper into his universe with his latest collection “Queer Symphony” for the Fall/Winter 2023 season.

Unveiled during London Fashion

For NOID FW23, Form and Function Fall From the Same Tree

Well before the show was set to begin the entrance at St. Mary’s Church in the Lower East Side was teaming with a host of editors, influencers, creatives and fans alike who were largely eager to witness NOID’s debut New York Fashion Week show. Although it’s still in the early years of the brand, founder/creator Denzel Dion has proven that he has a true knack for design through his catalog of previously released RTW garments and his signature hexagonal leather bag. But even with these successes t

Willy Chavarria FW23 Presents a Story of Protection

Bold, romantic and powerfully dark are a few thoughts that immediately came to mind as the succession of garments descended the staircase and moved throughout the hall at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum for Willy Chavarria’s Fall/Winter 2023 show. Over the years, Willy Chavarria has quickly become one of the most anticipated shows of the New York Fashion Week calendar, and rightfully so. Chavarria’s prowess for elegantly sleek yet culturally multidimensional tailored pieces continue

Who Decides War Captures the Intrinsic Style of NYC for FW23

Although the Angel Orensanz Center now functions as an art and performance space, the Lower East Side-located synagogue fuses traditional regality with New York City’s signature forward-facing attitude – making it the perfect place for Who Decides War’s “Politics as Usual” runway show. Over the past few seasons, it’s without question that Who Decides War has become both a recognized and celebrated name in the streetwear-focused fashion space – donning the back of athletes to fashion lovers inter

LaQuan Smith FW23 Revels in High Glam

For LaQuan Smith, regal fashion shows are a brand identity at this point. What shifted the presentation tides for the designer was his SS22 runway show that took over the Empire State Building – the first to do so. After showing at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum last season, the designer moved to the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center for his Fall/Winter 2023 show.

As guests overlooked New York City in typical LaQuan Smith fashion, the collection’s identity took form with the force of hig

Heron Preston FW23 Is a NYC Homecoming

With cracked concrete floors, plaster white columns and exposed ceiling wirings, the venue made the perfect space for Heron Preston’s Fall/Winter 2023 show – offering a blend of industrialist utilitarianism that mirrors the brand’s style. But Preston’s latest represented more than just another presentation, it was the San Francisco native’s first fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

Since establishing his eponymous label in 2017, Preston has put on a host of shows during Paris Fashion Wee

SANKUANZ Showcases a Desire for Danger With FW23 Collection

Every season, SANKUANZ offers up a conversation subverting forward-thinking design styles with rather cerebral themes. For SS23, its discussion on the circle of life came to be through analytically form-focused silhouettes that fused modernity and class. Now for the Fall/Winter 2023 season, the brand is expanding its scope on blended dress notes – showcasing that high fashion and streetwear belong in the same sentence.

Titled “Chapter III LA VEUVE NOIRE,” which translates to The Black Widow, th

Mr. Saturday Steps Into the Golden Age of Parisian Nightlife for FW23

Whether it be spring, summer, fall or winter, there is one thing that remains constant about Joey Gollish’s label Mr. Saturday. It is continued combinational reverence and exploration of high-moment in culture. The Toronto-based brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 show popped the lid on the history of European cabaret with its “Sex & Politics: Shadow Play At Le Chat Noir” runway show. Now for the Fall/Winter 2023 season, Mr. Saturday kept its feet in Europe but headed over to France to explore the rich h

Courrèges Finds the Sexiness in Simplicity for FW23

Since joining Courrèges as its creative director in 2020, Nicolas Di Felice has had a knack for creating equally calm yet enticing silhouettes – inviting the eyes of a wide audience. But what has remained particularly exciting about the designer’s work is his construction of minimally sexy garments. Di Felice’s latest for the Fall/Winter 2023 season walks the same line as he continuously finds the magical sexiness in simplicity.

Interestingly enough, the brand’s latest collection serves as a sl

Namacheko Conjures New Age Grunge for FW23

With Belgian brand Namacheko, there lives a commitment to subverting not only designs but themes that we’ve seen before. Alongside crafting remixed silhouettes, the brand stands tall in its power of reinvention. Just like previous collections, the brand’s latest for the Fall/Winter 2023 season walks stands in this same arena – offering new design perspectives on styles that have been long in existence.

Namacheko’s creative directive Dilan Lurr directs his gaze to the decades-old grunge aestheti

RAINS FW23 Champions the Hero in Everyone

For Denmark-based lifestyle brand RAINS, outerwear is its golden ticket. Although the brand has reinterpreted outerwear for multiple seasons, its creations have remained rather minimal in design. But for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection, it completely switched up its tempo – setting forth one of its moth forward-facing and exciting offerings to date.

Channeling one’s inner hero, the collection mirrored a selection of outerwear armor as opposed to traditional weather-focused people. But p
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