Givenchy Needs a Leader

Whether it be inventing the sack dress, a Rottweiler tee popularized by figures like Ye or a pristine white wedding dress worn by Meghan Markle, Givenchy has continued to be one of the largest houses in fashion. However, the luxury label has endured an extended period of turnover following the golden Riccardo Tisci era given the three-year stints of its last two creative directors, Clare Waight Keller and Matthew Williams. It’s difficult for most designers to completely transform a house within

Simplicity Has Driven 30 Years of Success for Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

If you’ve searched for popular sushi restaurants or listened to a fair share of rap music, you’ve probably heard of the name Nobu. With 56 restaurants across five continents, plus 19 hotels (and 20 more under development), Chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa has become one of the world’s most widely-known and successful restauranteurs. But whether it be a dish at one of his many restaurants or choosing the linens at his hotels, what continuously drives success for Chef Nobu and his brand is a philoso

How the Original Black Cowboys Galvanized Today’s Western Takeover

In the summer of 2023, popular culture was obsessing over the color pink due to Greta Gerwig’s Barbie — but by the fall, soccer kits were all anyone could talk about. Then with the turn of the new year, it seemed that cowboy hats and western boots, came back into prominence, shifting the collective gaze to a vital culture of the American experience. Moments that spurred the trend and the ensuing discussions around it into high gear include Pharrell Williams’ Western-themed Fall/Winter 2024 colle

Fashion School Standout Designers — Where Are They Now?

Within the fashion world, larger brands/houses are expected to always make noise because of their combined legacy and resources. But this does not encompass the industry’s full extent as emerging designers are making waves of their own around the clock. So when it comes to looking at emerging talent, graduation collections at some of the world’s leading fashion institutions have become not just mainstays for large houses, but fashion fans alike who are eager to see what’s coming down the pipelin

‘The Nameplate’ Chronicles the Layered History of Nameplate Jewelry

We’ve all seen nameplate jewelry, whether it be on the neck of a loved one, at a jewelry store, in a music video, on an Etsy shop or even in the mirror on yourself. Although nameplates are both extremely popular and accessible, their wide-reaching history has seldom been chronicled from a macro perspective. That’s what brought authors Isabel Attyah Flower and Marcel Rosa-Salas together to document their shared love for nameplate jewelry in, The Nameplate: Jewelry, Culture, and Identity.


Luke Fracher on How Luke’s NYC Is the “Barbershop” of High-End Aftermarket Clothing

Luke Fracher has always loved clothes. From his first-ever job at Legends, a sneaker/sporting goods store in Virginia, to co-founding of Round Two, clothing, specifically buying as trading is second nature to the NYC-based, self-described “lowly merchant.” But Fracher’s dual affinities for second-hand vintage and high-end clothing led him to expand his vision – opening the doors to Luke’s NYC, his sole-proprietor business described as a “highly curated buy/sell/trade clothier” in December of 202

Advisry’s Keith Herron Designs With the Artist in Mind

On the top floor of a Brooklyn apartment building lies the home base for Keith Herron’s Advisry. Serving as the brand’s design studio, the multi-bedroom space offers a look into both the vision and the life of the California native. More importantly, the office serves as a symbol of home and the artistic elements that have fueled his journey thus far.

Herron is a designer by trade, but the enchantment behind his brand doesn’t rest solely on fashion. Rather, his early interests in music shows of

Can VETEMENTS Steal the Spotlight Again?

When VETEMENTS jumped on the scene in 2014, it quickly shook up the fashion industry’s understanding of what contemporary “anti-fashion” could be. Termed a “design collective,” the brand’s philosophy has always been irrefutably “anti-luxury,” even if its price points posed a contradictory argument. But VETEMENTS’ anti-luxury personality extends beyond dollar signs and into the cultural ephemera where the brand grew its legs. Under the creative direction of Demna Gvasalia (before he went mononymi

Bktherula Manifests Her Dreams Through Mantra Music

From psychedelically melodic tracks like “Right NOW” and “okok/depressing” to high-energy party starters like “Uh Huh,” Bktherula, is laying the groundwork for a career built on evolution. It’s been only three years since the Atlanta native officially hopped on the scene with 2020’s Love Santana, but in that short time, she’s already released four projects of what she calls “mantra music.”

Whether it be Love Santana, 2020 follow-up Nirvana, 2021’s Love Black or this year’s LVL5 P1, the attracti

What Happened With Bally and Rhuigi Villaseñor?

Since founding the luxury streetwear label RHUDE in 2015, Rhuigi Villaseñor has become one of the most notable names in fashion. The Manilla-born, Los-Angeles raised designer’s personal profile and signature high-street aesthetic became even more notable when he assumed the creative director role at Bally in January of last year. But just 14 months later, Villaseñor stepped down from his position at the Swiss brand, causing many in fashion to wonder: what happened?

Although it needed a touch of

Will Peter Do Be Helmut Lang’s Saving Grace?

Since coming on the scene in 2018, Peter Do has served as a reminder that every so often a designer emerges who’s able to captivate by just their work alone. No gimmicks, no hoopla, just a commitment to a vision and the unwavering determination to see it manifest season after season. Because of this, the Vietnamese designer has been one of the most revered emerging names in fashion over the past five years — and what adds to his mysticism is that we seldom see or hear from him. Yesterday, howeve

Okane Is the Emerging Menswear Label Building More Than Moments

Like many fashion designers and creatives, Alex O’Kane’s love for fashion revealed itself at a very young age. From being surrounded by clothes due to his mother’s work with designer Fernando Sanchez to devouring his aunt’s fashion magazines, it was a constant. But instead of immediately going to study fashion, O’Kane focused on art history and went into the family’s electrical business post-college. All the while, his passion for fashion, then at odds with his career, continued to grow.


How Upstate NY Resort Design Finds the Balance Between Charm and Tranquility

Design and leisure go hand in hand in upstate New York. For decades, the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions have attracted NYC residents who crave a serene touch of nature and an escape from the Big Apple’s hustle and bustle. But over the past few years, there’s also been a growing desire amongst global travelers to set their feet down in the area’s charming bliss. From the quaint yet unequivocally cool to symbols of modern luxury, the caliber of hotel stays in the area is just as diverse as th

Looking Back at How Fashion Evolved in 2022

In 2022, the fashion industry surged back to life. Runway presentations returned to their fullest forms since before the pandemic, with brands like JW Anderson and Coperni staging double-take-worthy spectacles that reminded onlookers of the power of fashion weeks. Brands united for memorable collaborations, some of which saw high-fashion merge with streetwear, while others let sportswear become avant-garde via artisanal craftsmanship. Industry-shifting designers embarked on their first outings a

SoFaygo Finds the Sweet Spot Between Emotion and Euphoria With ‘Pink Heartz’

“She like ‘Faygo, you getting bigger’. I remember when you was a lil’ n****,” Atlanta rapper SoFaygo said on “Knock Knock,” one of his most popular tracks to date. Little did the artist expect the 2020 cut to rapidly elevate his career, but that’s exactly what happened when the track traversed TikTok – introducing SoFaygo’s energetic-yet-melodic sound to an entirely new group of listeners. Now, with several EPs and mixtapes under his belt, SoFaygo is stepping into a brighter spotlight with his d

Check Out the Best Shows From Fashion Month SS23

Fashion month for the Spring/Summer 2023 season has finally wrapped and with it came a catalog of eye-catching designs. As pandemic restrictions have lessened on a global scale, the past month presented a robust global fashion effort that hasn’t been seen in years. As such, designers, editors, models, photographers and more made waves in New York City, London, Milan and Paris – bringing back the magic of fashion that onlookers have patiently waited for.

From established houses to emerging desig

‘Las Ruinas’ Is Rico Nasty’s Coffee Bean

Thanks to her arresting adlibs like “WOAHH,” “HUH HUH YEAH” and “KENNYYYY,” it’s hard to confuse a Rico Nasty track with music from any other artist. With a multifaceted rap-rock cadence and unique dripped-out style, Rico Nasty has carved out her own lane over the past seven years. But after releasing a catalog of mixtapes plus one studio album since stepping on the scene, it was time for the Maryland-born rapper to reset with her latest project, Las Ruinas. Whereas previous works exalted the ro

10 Years of Daily Paper: Community, Clothes and Commitment

Blogs that sell T-shirts rarely evolve into global clothing brands, but Daily Paper has never been the kind of brand to walk a standard path. Whether it be an early screen printed t-shirt or a bespoke suit, Daily Paper’s garments are more than clothes: they’re a medium for learning about and bridging cultures. What shines even more about the brand’s ascension over the past decade, however, is its firm footing in exalting their community. In a landscape where many brands see “community” as a tren

Check Out the Fashion Brands Bringing New Life to Miami

When thinking about the world’s dominant fashion cities, Milan, Paris, New York and London are widely-celebrated contenders. But with each passing year, an assemblage of untapped designers lay the groundwork to propel new cities into the conversation. The latest to generate ongoing buzz as an emerging fashion city is none other than sunny Miami, Florida. But other than the expected range of swimwear and beach-ready styles, there are few labels eager to showcase that Miami has so much more to off

Gabriel Salcedo Is Bringing a Modern Edge to Miami

For Gabriel Salcedo, there was always an idea in his head of what he wanted to wear. But when trying to bring the idea to fruition, something always fell short, whether it be a missing garment, ill-fitting pants or a shortened sleeve. So to solve this issue, he pursued the most logical issue which was to start designing clothes.

Originally from New York City, the designer moved to Miami following middle school, where he ultimately birthed his ready-to-wear label, but like most self-taught desig

WINNIE New York Only Wanted To Fly Under the Radar

Mum’s the word when it comes to menswear label WINNIE New York or so that was founder/creative director Idris Balogun’s intention. However, when you’ve previously worked with the likes of Christopher Bailey and Tom Ford, it is rather challenging to keep your debut clothing label under wraps. Now just three years after the birth of WINNIE New York, Balogun has found his label on the lips of tastemakers worldwide – begging the question: “What is to come from this undeniably skilled designer?”


Sole Mates: Chris Echevarria and the Blackstock & Weber Ellis Penny Loafer

Seldom has the penny loafer, a hallmark of men’s classic footwear, been cast a newfound light that rests within contemporary fields of view. Both its existence and aesthetic have usually reflected tradition, formality and a singular idea of what its presentation should be. But for Chris Echevarria, these stylistic ideals were too rigid and in dire need of evolving to reach the shoes’ greatest potential. So naturally, Echevarria led his own charge.

The Blackstock & Weber founder eventually creat

10 Emerging Black Fashion Designers To Watch Out For

Positioned to make strides in the fashion industry, several emerging Black fashion designers are catching the world’s attention. From a Jamaican immigrant to a Brooklyn-raised creative, these up-and-coming designers are pushing the boundaries of fashion and setting season trends. As the fashion industry continues to diversify and showcase Black talent, here are 10 emerging Black fashion designers from across the globe that are galvanizing the current landscape.

Edvin Thompson, founder and creat
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